Lead Instructional Designers to Present at ICMI Conference

Lead Instructional Designers to Present at ICMI Conference

Lead instructional designers Christy McBride and Stacy Ricks will present, From Classroom to Computer: Training New Hires in the Virtual Setting at the virtual ICMI conference on April 21.  

The session will discuss how COVID-19 affected customer service representatives who transitioned to remote environments and how it required training departments to adapt quickly, with minimal planning to convert programs that were previously delivered live to the virtual classroom environment. Software developers use the Agile methodology to guide them through a process of implementing change iteratively, enabling them to deliver high-quality products quickly. These same concepts can be applied to the transition to virtual training.

To learn more about ICMI, visit the conference website. Learn more about HighPoint’s training capabilities.

ICMI Speakers Christy McBride and Stacey Ricks

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