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Working with diverse technology and vendor partners

HighPoint Digital (HPD) is a passionate information technology, user and customer experience company committed to long-term customer relationships by providing agile, diligent, and loyal service to Federal Agencies. HPD provides a diverse set of complex health and civilian innovative technology services, coupled with committed and purpose-driven program management. HPD has experienced growth within the information technology and services fields by organically growing existing contracts, winning new contracts within our existing markets, and expanding our core capabilities into new markets. HPD has a proven track record of creating viable Agency-contractor partnerships to meet our Government’s largest community-driven technical and service needs with quality, best value, customer-focused services.

  • Customer Intimacy

Fueled by innovative thinking accelerating agency advancements.

  • Quality Focus

Accountable and transparent interactions increasing solution and service efficiency and cost effectiveness as well as customer and user satisfaction.

  • Outcomes-based Approach

Knowledge of customer missions and operations enable us to deliver solutions that immediately make a difference.

  • Flexible, Agile Processes

Rapid prototyping and solution development to quickly meet mission critical challenges.

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Technology Alliances

HighPoint works with a diverse set of technology and vendor partners. We hold key certifications and partnerships with companies that are of strategic importance to our clients.

  • RFP and capture support to strengthen pursuit and response efforts

  • Contact center, training, health care, IT and other portfolio services

  • Access to marketing materials, sales tools, case studies and demonstrations

  • The extensive resources of a prime contractor