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Contact Center Support

The expectations of contact centers are changing rapidly due to the growth of digital government and the rise of self-service. In meeting these changes, contact centers need to look holistically at all of their processes and procedures to truly optimize operations – finding new efficiencies and delivering more effective service. This means looking beyond traditional metrics like handle time and service level and digging into root causes of lagging metrics for sustainable improvement.     

HighPoint understands the evolution of today’s contact centers and helps clients chart a path forward. To deliver on the needed transformation, we follow a framework for measurable change initiatives that move organizations toward more mature processes.

Why Clients Choose Us

Mission, Vision, Values Strategy

Partnering with leadership, HighPoint leads the definition of these elements for contact center teams. Without a clear and communicated mission, vision, and values there cannot be alignment in tasks and priorities across the organization.  

Program/Project Management

HighPoint’s deep project management foundation brings structure, process, and coordination to projects by utilizing industry standards such as Project Management Institute (PMI) and CMMI.

Technology/Software Development

Our developers not only know technology, but work to understand the mission and business of our clients. We integrate tool-agnostic solutions that meet the needs of end users and integrate with legacy systems.


HighPoint specializes in customized curricula, simulation and immersive computer-based training, as well as video and interactive web-based tools to achieve dramatic performance improvements.


Knowledge Management

Customer service representatives require immediate and continuous access to various resources including detailed scripts, FAQs, and other job aids that enable them to provide the most optimal customer experience possible.  We design processes and systems that deliver the right information when and where they need it.

Quality Assurance

HighPoint’s quality focus is set on continual program improvement by using actionable data to drive strategic business decisions. Our team listens in on calls, reviews feedback, and monitors IT performance to ensure that agencies are meeting the needs and expectations of citizens. We marry operational and quality production data giving leadership the needed visibility to identify and prioritize root cause analysis and improve service performance.

Reporting and Analytics

Measurement in service centers is often based on standard templated reporting and metrics. Our team incorporates visualizations and reporting that identifies trending and shows the performance of critical processes. We provide baseline development, goal development, dashboarding, reporting and balance scorecard services based on the data collected.

Proven Results

Social Media Search

Developed and deployed tools to search and analyze all social media trends related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace Contact Center Operations to proactively solve consumer problems.

Call Center Scripting

Reworked call center scripts to help CSRs enroll thousands of healthcare consumers despite the website being down.

Call Center Optimization

Established a common framework to support both the ACA and Medicare, resulting in vastly improved call center performance with customer satisfaction scores rising to or above 95 percent.

Improved Citizen Experience

Updated initial greeting scripts in ACA Marketplace contact centers to refocus call flow on callers’ needs, resulting in a significant reduction in caller frustration during the opening phase of the call and a substantial reduction in average handle time.

Touchpoint Capture

Captured over 40 million touchpoints annually to provide quality assurance support.


Trained CMS CSRs on the tax implications of ACA within the context of the familiar customer journey.

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