Contact Center Optimization


The Specifics About Our Contact Center Optimization

The expectations of contact centers are changing rapidly due to the growth of digital government and the rise of self-service. In meeting these changes, contact centers need to look holistically at all of their processes and procedures to truly optimize operations – finding new efficiencies and delivering more effective service. This means looking beyond traditional metrics like handle time and service level and digging into root causes of lagging metrics for sustainable improvement.

Omnichannel Strategy

HighPoint Omnichannel call center strategy leverages cross-channel communication to deliver personalized interactions and increase customer engagement. It breaks down typical department, channel, and system silos to unify the customer experience. In its simplest form, an omnichannel engagement strategy creates a near-seamless transition between channels by uniting them all under one umbrella. It collects, analyses, and shares real-time customer support activity from every channel.

HighPoints Omnichannel Strategy can help you:

  • Reduce friction and customer wait times and increase conversion rates by conditionally routing calls, texts, chats, and form submissions to the right agents at the right time.

  • Capture and automate actionable data, trends, indicators, and insights from customer communications.

  • Use AI-supported decision-making and automated workflows to create a responsive systems architecture.

  • Empower Agents to be authentic and relevant across channels.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance methods extract maximum value from contact center tools and technologies while aligning program design with agency objectives. Our team develops Quality Assurance programs customized to agency needs while maintaining industry best practices. We use tools like speech analytics and automated quality monitoring to focus Quality Assurance efforts on critical aspects of performance and provide the most comprehensive, consistent feedback to drive employee engagement. We closely monitor outcomes from these activities with Contact Center Operations counterparts to ensure effectiveness and to gather feedback for continuous program improvement. Our continuous improvement efforts to measure Quality also help reduce cost by identifying inefficiencies like agent downtime and unmanageable call volume.

Modernized Approach to Quality Assurance

  • Customized Approach: HighPoint designed and implemented a custom Quality Assurance program and application for OVER 10,000 CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES (CSRs) ACROSS 10 LOCATIONS, including remote staff

  • Optimize Operational Performance: HighPoint identified call handling trends and implemented a revised call flow, which REDUCED REPEAT CALLS BY 29%

  • Increase Employee Engagement: Using stakeholder feedback, HighPoint redesigned the Quality Assurance program, achieving a 30% INCREASE IN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and improved employee engagement

Optimization Discovery and Assessment

HighPoint understands what it means to successfully transition to the cloud. It requires a deep understanding of the systems that will be making the journey. Thoroughly understanding your applications and infrastructure is necessary to determine how well they map to cloud and what kinds of cloud resources they’ll need.

HighPoint provides a comprehensive discovery and assessment service that gathers in-depth data about your existing infrastructure. Automated infrastructure and application discovery creates a detailed inventory of systems, applications, metrics, and dependencies. That data informs a cloud readiness report to guide your cloud model selection (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and evaluate the financial benefits of the switch to cloud.

Our assessment captures information within the following operational areas of IT:

  • Core Administrative Functions – Day-to-day operational IT functions like licensing, devices, and vendor analysis.

  • Email Services – Existing email platform(s), security, and archiving.

  • Infrastructure – Cloud, data center, LAN, WAN, servers, and wireless.

  • Staffing – Culture, customer satisfaction, skills and talents, and workloads

  • Support Services – Metrics tracking, ticketing system, and ticket volumes.

  • Call Center – Review of current state, required center features, and on-premises vs. cloud.

Workforce Optimization

HighPoint works closely with Workforce Optimization partners to help analyze your complete workforce management lifecycle and provides insights on opportunities to enhance performance. Our partnerships help connect your human resources, operations, and technology to better optimize productivity, help your employees to fully understand their positions’ impact on operational efficiency and customer experience. We conduct a thorough analysis of your current operations in order to provide recommendations on the necessary steps to develop a customer engagement strategy, improve performance, and establish vision to meet your mission.

HighPoint’s Workforce Optimization process may provide :

  • Full evaluation and consultation to improve your forecasting, scheduling, Quality Assurance, analytics, retention, and training.

  • Executive summary detailing our findings and recommendations for improving workforce utilization and implementation processes.

  • Identification of inefficiencies and how to evolve them into competitive strengths that exceed business objectives.

  • Delivering a zero-gap solution that minimizes expenses, allows for the reallocation of equitable resources, and provides a visible Return on Investment.

Automated Contact Center Monitoring

HighPoint has partnered with UiPath which offers an end-to-end platform for automation, combining the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities that can enable your organization to rapidly scale digital business operations. Our speech analytics solution allows organizations to easily record and analyze customer conversations to generate more business, retain customers, work more effectively and gather critical business insights. This advanced technology finds specific spoken phrases within call recordings and identifies and categorizes calls that cover business challenges such as customer satisfaction, workforce training, business and competitive intelligence, marketing effectiveness and script compliance.

HighPoint can help you :

  • Reduce customer effort by turning every customer interaction into a loyalty-building experience with proactive agent performance

  • Evaluating your infrastructure is important see how Artificial Intelligence can be a powerful new way to improve, simplify, and automate your contact center operations.

  • Increase contact center service levels by identifying the root cause of problems and watch customer trends across 100% of your customer interactions

  • Increase your return on contact center technology investment by monitoring agent performance and customer experience in real-time

We understand compliance monitoring is an important aspect, this is why HighPoint is an expert in identifying compliance monitoring program across calls, emails, web/chat and social media with multi-language monitoring capabilities.

Multi-channel Content Development

HighPoint is considered an expert in providing training, quality assurance, content, and IT systems support services to 13,000+ customer service representatives (CSR) operating in a high-volume, 24/7 multi-channel contact center optimization environment. HighPoint supports multi-channel content development through the development of media information for the web sites and intranet, training materials in multiple different formats and multiple delivery media, On-demand learning (The Buzz), internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)s, Customer Support Scripts (in English and Spanish), User Alerts “Blasts” (immediate notification messaging of alerts and content changes), Reference Materials, Written Correspondence, Next Generation Desktop (NGD) Messages, Quick Letters, and Beneficiary/Consumer Messages.

HighPoint’s Multi-channel content and development services include:

  • Identifying content needs through various sources, including ongoing conversations with Government agency stakeholders , staff research, call center observations, call listening, feedback review, and focus group discussions

  • The use of Business Process Center (BPC), our internal workflow management process located on SharePoint, to create content work request tickets to support version control, track delivery deadlines, monitor performance, provide an audit trail, and generate reports.

  • Use of Automation of Microsoft word to .xml

  • Creation of MGit/Word2Script generator to reduce script deployment time

Natural Language Processing and Speech Analytics

For the 1-800-MEDICARE contact center operations, HighPoint records 100 percent of all calls and screens in near-real time. Speech to text transcriptions offer a gold mine of rich insights about customer satisfaction, service issues, agent performance and campaign effectiveness. 

During calls, NLP automatically discovers and analyzes words, phrases, categories, and themes to reveal trends and areas of opportunity or concern.

HighPoint’s Smart Agent is built on top of Google Contact Center AI service which provides two main features for Contact Center enablement:

  • Virtual Agent: Customers now have 24/7 access to immediate and personalized conversational self-service, as Virtual Agent automates basic interactions and provides seamlessly transfers complex issues to human agents, resulting in immediate issue resolution with a human-like touch.

  • Agent Assist: Continuous live agent support that identifies customer intent and sentiment and provides instant, step-by-step assistance (through recommended articles, workflows and more

  • Citizen-Centric Services: HighPoint’s Smart Agent Platform-as-a-Service can deliver 24/7 customer access to immediate, personalized conversational self-service and Just-in-Time support and scripting.

Hyper-automation using AI and ML

HighPoint custom-developed an application delivering service content to agents through real-time natural language transcription, search, and solution. By, combining robotic process automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence we help to maximize process efficiency and business insight. By combining these technologies, power and flexibility can be added in places where they were not possible previously. So, tasks that previously could not be automated now can be, so that human capabilities can be focused on tasks with a greater value, such as decision making, interpreting data and using critical thinking.

HighPoint can help you:

  • Integrate disruptive technologies, such as AI, ML, RPA and NLP, into the day-to-day workings of your organization, allowing it to perform processes more efficiently and reducing errors.

  • Implementing such technologies will help in increased employee satisfaction, as they are operating in a smart working environment and do not have to waste their time on tedious tasks that add no value, will enhance the ability of the workforce to increase productivity and competitiveness.

  • Help you organize and transform digitally, by aligning your business processes and investment in technology.

  • Reveal your previously hidden linkages between Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), functions, and processes by simplifying numerous internal systems.