Our Clients

our clients

Our Clients

HighPoint helps our clients elevate the citizen experience. Whether that is through training call center representatives, monitoring citizen interactions, designing content for social media campaigns, or developing a software solution for better data access, we are laser-focused on ensuring our government customers have the tools and training to meet the service expectations of our citizens.


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Empowering the customer service teams that support ACA consumers and Medicare beneficiaries

Department of State

17+ years of building digital diplomacy

Department of Treasury

Department of Treasury

Building systems to ensure the security of currency nation-wide


National Institutes of Health

Building a customer-focused culture for the dissemination of public health data

Defense Logistics Agency

Ensuring the delivery of food and food items to troops worldwide

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Creating multi-vendor support system for service to low income housing residents

Department of Homeland Security

Creating a welcoming experience for foreign students attending U.S. universities

Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Managing infrastructure and assisting with queries and real-time dashboards to provide mission-critical information.

Government Publishing Office

Opening official records for public access


Federal Occupational Health

Implementing electronic health records for better patient care