Digital Innovation


Transforming Government Services Through Digital Innovation

Since 2009, HighPoint has leveraged digital technologies and strategies to create new and enhanced products, services, processes, and business models for the Federal government. Through our Digital Innovation solutions, we help our clients harness digital tools and platforms to drive transformation, enhance customer experiences, and generate value. Our commitment to excellence has garnered national recognition, including multiple Telly Awards for groundbreaking communications excellence in digital media.

Strategic Communications

HighPoint’s strategic communications services help optimize digital channels for effective audience engagement, brand visibility, and business outcomes. Our customer-centric, data-driven, and multichannel approach empowers lasting relationships in today’s digital landscape.

HighPoint’s strategic communications services include:

  • Audience Analysis: Understand preferences, behaviors, and needs of your target audiences.

  • Channel Analysis: Identify suitable digital channels (e.g., social media, email, website).

  • Platform Evaluation: Assess specific platforms (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn) for optimal reach.

  • Research and Data Analytics: Leverage data to refine strategies and measure success.

  • Business Strategy Alignment: Ensure alignment with overall business goals.

CX/UX Strategies

HighPoint’s CX/UX Strategy services focus on creating exceptional customer and user experiences. Our approach, grounded in industry best practices and data-driven research, unlocks insights for transformative customer interactions. By aligning digital innovation efforts and understanding customer needs, we help organizations improve CX and UX to drive sustainable growth.

HighPoint’s CX/UX strategy services include:

  • CX and UX Strategies: We develop comprehensive strategies to enhance both customer and user experiences.

  • UX Testing: Rigorous testing ensures optimal usability and satisfaction.

  • Environmental Scans: We systematically collect and analyze information to inform decision-making.

  • Website Analytics & Insights: Data-driven insights to improve digital UX.

  • Learning Experience: Our expertise in learning and development enhances student engagement and growth

  • Outreach & Education: We ensure timely, relevant, and easy-to-understand information delivery..

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

HighPoint was awarded this $4.1M 3-year contract to provide CMS with Research, Analytics, Content Optimization, and UX/CX Strategies. Our review of current provider information needs and preferences followed by data-driven recommendations enable CMS to communicate more effectively with tens of thousands of stakeholders across the U.S.

Content Optimization

HighPoint’s seasoned professionals develop content strategies to ensure your message resonates with target audiences, addressing their information needs and communication preferences. Our approach builds credibility, improves communication effectiveness, fills content gaps, and achieves strategic communication objectives. From planning and research to promotion and performance tracking, our Content Optimization solutions ensure positive interactions with your brand, laying the foundation for trust.

HighPoint’s content optimization services include:

  • Content Audit, Inventory & Management: Analyzing, evaluating, organizing, and managing existing content assets.

  • Content Strategy: Planning and creating a roadmap for content creation aligned with business goals.

  • Content Development: Enhancing existing and crafting new content, including writing, visuals, and multimedia.

  • Web Design: Creating visually appealing and user-friendly website layouts.

  • Website Performance: Ensuring optimal functionality and speed.

  • Human-Centered Design: Prioritizing user needs and experiences in design decisions.

  • Content Migration: Moving content seamlessly from one platform to another.

  • Data Analytics: Using data insights to inform content decisions.

Research, Analytics & Insights

HighPoint’s digital marketing research involves collecting and analyzing data from various digital platforms to inform marketing strategies. We delve into understanding user behavior, evaluate online channels, and utilize real-time insights to optimize campaigns. By studying online data, businesses gain valuable information to enhance their marketing efforts and connect effectively with their target audiences. Our data-driven insights don’t just inform current strategies; they also help optimize future campaigns, resulting in improved ROI, resource efficiency, better targeting, and ultimately, happier customers and increased revenue.grams, communication guidance, templates, checklists, tools, and clearance procedures lowers production costs and shortens review times. HighPoint developed a video overview and 360° online tour of the Library of Congress. We use social graph analysis to identify audiences and microtarget with audience-specific content based on interests.

HighPoint’s research, analytics & insights services include:

  • Research Program Development: We identify business challenges and choose scientific methods for objective data gathering.

  • Data Collection: We collect data from primary and secondary sources using digital tools, surveys, and interviews.

  • Data Analysis: We systematically organize and analyze information, extracting meaningful patterns.

  • Research Reporting: From in-depth reports to high-level infographics, our concise reports communicate findings through varied levels of visual storytelling.

  • Research-Based Recommendations: We optimize strategies based on insights, driving growth.

Digital Marketing & Media

Digital marketing and media are essential components for businesses aiming to thrive in today’s digital landscape. HighPoint’s team of experts can help your business connect with target audiences using efficient and effective digital marketing and media tactics. Let’s achieve your business goals together.

HighPoint’s digital marketing & media services include:

  • Content Marketing: Creating and publishing engaging content to attract and retain audiences.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Enhancing online visibility through optimized website content.

  • Social Media Marketing: Leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, X (Twitter), and Instagram for brand promotion.

  • Email Marketing: Targeted communication via email campaigns.

  • Online Advertising: Strategic placement of ads on websites and search engines.

  • Digital Media Production: Producing videos, podcasts, and interactive content to enhance brand value.

Department of State

HighPoint has supported DOS since 2007. In 2019, HighPoint was awarded a $6M contract to provide an array of IT and professional services, including Digital Media (videography, photography, and graphic design), Data Analytics and Visualization, and Strategic Communications. Tailored content to stakeholders increased email subscriptions by 194% and social media “Likes” by 51%. Our work is expanding the understanding of American foreign policy, culture, society, institutions, history, and values across the globe.

Graphic Design

HighPoint’s Graphic Design Services communicate your brand’s message through innovative visual, human-centered design and imagery. Our team considers the entire marketing spectrum—traditional, digital, and social channels—to achieve brand consistency, engagement, credibility, conversion, memorability, and a competitive edge. Let us elevate your visuals with cutting-edge techniques and software to increase brand engagement and achieve your business objectives.

HighPoint’s graphic design services include:

  • Digital Graphics: Designing social media posts, website banners, and online ads.

  • Packaging Design: Creating appealing product packaging.

  • Art Direction: Guiding overall visual aesthetics.

  • Publication Design: Crafting layouts for magazines and books.

  • UX/UI Design: Enhancing user experiences through intuitive interfaces.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

HighPoint was awarded this $840M 10.5-year contract to provide CMS with Training, Data Services, Learning Management, QA, Content Development, Graphic Design, Continuous Improvement, and Digital Innovation solutions. Our multimedia methodologies enhanced the performance of 15,000 customer service agents in 15 call centers across the U.S.