Training & Knowledge Management

Training and Learning management

Training & Knowledge Management

The pace of change in the workplace is increasing, especially as the government moves to widespread teleworking. Not only are the environments, technologies, and processes we use changing, so is the way we learn and access information. Organizations need modern approaches to learning to keep up with new technologies, complex policy changes, an abundance of content and important citizen needs. Adapting to the needs of the learners is critical when training needs to be rolled out quickly and information needs to be readily available to make immediate impact on employee performance and, in turn, on citizen satisfaction.

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All of our training products are custom designed to meet the specific needs of the agency. We work with our clients to understand their mission, work environment, technology resources, and challenges to design training and knowledge management programs that are relevant and impactful.  We use data to create training programs that address the real needs of the organization and the constituents they serve. We deliver training in a way that teams need it and measure the results of the training through defined benchmarks and dashboards that measure performance and progress. We deploy robust knowledge management programs to ensure accurate and timely information is always available, and continuous improvements evolve with the organization and citizen needs. 

Why Clients Choose Us

Performance Improvement Training

Improving the performance of your agency requires you to invest in improving the skills of your employees. An effective performance improvement training program identifies areas where improved performance can benefit the agency most, and targets engaging, relevant training that enhances skills to drive improvement.


Using games to master content has come a long way from the earliest iterations of playing Jeopardy! in a classroom on the blackboard. Today’s e-learning gamification techniques tap into users’ competitive nature with opportunities to master content as well as provide real-world simulations.

Knowledge Management

HighPoint helps clients provide employees with quick access to the information they need, when they need it, in the format they need it in.  We design knowledge management systems that enable employees to access information quickly and allows the organization to update information when things change.

Virtual Learning

As government employees work remotely and traditional classroom training is no longer available, virtual learning plays a pivotal role in the workplace. HighPoint’s training experts help agencies transform traditional classroom training into virtual training that helps employees learn and retain complex information.  

Proven Results

CSR Improvement

Improved the effectiveness and accuracy of more than 25,000 Customer Service Representative (CSRs) in responding to questions from Medicare beneficiaries and Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace consumers.

Raised Satisfaction Scores

Increased learner satisfaction scores from an average of 93.3 percent to 96.6 percent after implementing new training programs.

Training Optimization

Reduced the time required for new CSRs to become fully trained by 50 percent while also reducing needed supervisor monitoring time by 30 percent.

Solutions that Work

Reduced training and onboarding time of new CMS call center agents by 33 percent.

Agile Coaching

We used agile coaching to improve our client’s “eDocs” environment to provide enhanced collaboration, integrated search. The eDocs team responded to the request of a large bank to automate the record declaration process for 70,000 documents – within one week.

Knowledge Management

HighPoint has developed and maintained over 8,000 pages of content which enables Medicare and ACA customer service representatives (CSRs) to provide the most optimal customer experience possible. As a result of continuous improvement and proactive knowledge management updates, CSR questions and requests for updates for Medicare dropped by 33%. 

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