HighPoint Pinnacle Awards 2023

HighPoint Pinnacle Awards 2023

Jessica Schultz

This week, we are pleased to recognize HighPoint’s 2022 Pinnacle award winners. Today we’re starting with our Commitment award winner, Jessica Schultz. As a Lead Technical Trainer, Jessica is a shining example of commitment to our clients, the mission of SAMS, and to federal financial assistance at the Department of State. Her deep empathy, compassion, and dedication have helped her build unparalleled credibility and trust with our clients, stakeholders, and end users. Whether it is defusing tensions with an irate user, assisting with the design of a new access request form, or working with a Grants Officer in Malaysia at 11:59 p.m. on September 30 to ensure that every appropriated dollar made it out the door, Jessica lives and breathes her commitment to HighPoint’s clients!


Traci Miller

Meet our Impact award winner. As a Senior Content Specialist on HighPoint’s Medicare Content Planning and Development Traci made an immediate impact on this new program for HighPoint. Traci brought a skillset of understanding analytics and the software Chartbeat to her new role on this program and immediately impressed the customer. Traci then trained the client on this product that they had within their software toolbox but didn’t know how to use. She was recently promoted to Senior Content Specialist and now leads the team. Thank you, Traci, for making such an impact on this important new program for HighPoint!


Odell Wilson

Join us in congratulating our Leadership Pinnacle award winner, Odell Wilson! Odell is a Manager of our HHS Division of Workforce Development (DWD) team and exemplifies the meaning of Leadership. Odell has used his experience to provide valuable leadership and establish a strong relationship with our client. Additionally, Odell has shared his knowledge and experience to help establish grants management as a core capability within HighPoint. His leadership in this area has been an essential part of creating the vision and validating the increased demand within the government space. Thank you, Odell, for your inspirational leadership!


Becky Blair

Our Innovation Pinnacle Award winner is Senior Instructional Designer Becky Blair. In her role, Becky was presented with the task of running a key program (Spike) for the first time. Becky faced several challenges, including a new theme and several newer team members to lead on the project from start to finish. Becky came up with an innovative travel theme that CMS approved, and she then worked with the CCO to come up with fun facts about each site location. In the end, Spike had an overall 97.6% CSR satisfaction rating. Becky truly embodies the spirit of Innovation at HighPoint!


Wes McConnell

Congratulations to our Heart Pinnacle Award winner, Wes McConnell! Wes embodies this award in so many ways, whether it’s always congratulating a job well done, sending a handwritten card, or something funny when you have had a hard day. He knows how to bring out the best in people, finding ways to use their strengths and minimize their limitations. Wes goes above and beyond when someone is experiencing a hardship by calling to check in or sending a card letting them know he cares. Wes makes his team feel valued by making a point of knowing what is going on, not only in their work environment but he also gets to know them on a personal level. Thank you, Wes, for demonstrating heart every day!

HighPoint Digital Inc.

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