Josh Plaskoff Publishes “4 Myths of Citizen Experience”

Josh Plaskoff Publishes “4 Myths of Citizen Experience”


Josh Plaskoff is director of learning and technology service development at HighPoint Global

Any time we face new challenges that require a shift in thinking, we are naturally drawn to pathways that are the familiar, the comfortable, the expedient or the one of least resistance. The result is that we generate myths based on old ways of thinking that can derail even the most conscientious effort. What is required for success is to abandon old myths and fundamentally shift our thinking.

The government needs to revamp the way it interacts with citizens. Recent surveys show incredibly low “customer satisfaction” and trust levels with federal agencies. Citizen experience, or CX, is more than improving call center metrics; it involves a holistic look at how and where citizens interact with the government and improving these touch points to meet their expectations. To do this, we need to do some myth-busting to ensure the changes implemented make a real difference. Read the entire article.

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