Update on Clara, HighPoint’s Service Dog!

Update on Clara, HighPoint’s Service Dog!

Clara is very affectionate and she loves ear and chest rubs. Clara is a quick learner and very food motivated. She is a pretty tiny girl still but is starting to grow. She will do almost anything for food and sometimes gets so impatient about her next treat that she gets a little overexcited. She is great with commands such as “wait,” “leave it,” and “down” and is very patient when she gets her nails trimmed. 

She will lay down and relax beautifully when there are people in the room with her, but struggles with big feelings when she is left alone or feels like she is missing out on something fun. She is going to a different puppy raiser to work on building some independence and self-confidence so she doesn’t need as much human support. 

She is very interested in birdwatching and thinks that cats are incredibly fun; however, the cats do not necessarily share the same feelings about her.

HighPoint is proud to sponsor Clara through Service Dogs of Virginia, a non-profit organization that raises, trains, and places dogs to assist people with disabilities and provides facility dogs for courthouses, counseling centers, schools, and other therapeutic settings.

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