Training & Knowledge Management


Specifics About Our Training

HighPoint has 15+ years of experience delivering training products to 20,000 users while exceeding Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) and maintaining a 99.3% quality score and a 96% learner satisfaction score. HighPoint excels at providing experts with knowledge and understanding of complex healthcare policies, regulations, and privacy concerns; developing curriculum for healthcare, information technology, customer service, and regulatory compliance; providing 900+ learning products, 429+ eLearning products and 182+ instructor-led products annually; as well as producing 40+ virtual training products annually, to support complex policy changes for Medicare and Marketplace programs within 24 hours, and at times, less than 1 hour.

Multimodal Curriculum, Content Development, and Delivery

With over 15+ years of experience, HighPoint plays a key role in supporting various Federal agencies in their adoption of a multimodal content development and delivery strategy that introduces and reinforces important knowledge and skills in a cohesive and integrated way. By tracking learners’ competencies, performance, training activities, and feedback, HighPoint can help you gain a better understanding of your organization’s workforce development needs.

We incorporate the complementary methods of Human-Centered Design (HCD) (through research of trainee qualitative or subjective experiences) and Lean Six Sigma processes (through quantitative metrics of trainee performance) into our Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate (ADDIE) methodology:

  • Develop easy-to-read, highly engaging, easily understood training and content products, which are critical for students to understand and communicate information reliably.

  • Efficiently and accurately translate new or updated regulations and policy into effective learning tools that are clear and concise so Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) can respond to inquiries with high levels of service.

  • Simplify complex information and provide engaging curriculum that is retained by CSRs long after the training is complete.

Cloud-based Learning and Content Management Systems (LMSs:): Design, Implementation, and Maintenance

HighPoint’s LMS provides digital content management for all training media.

HighPoint uses customized, cloud-based LMSs that provide digital content management for all training media.

Analysis of Training Impact and Outcomes

HighPoint measures training effectiveness with the trainee performance assessment, which is administered throughout training and at training completion. Each trainee must meet a minimum score to be considered trained. Our materials and corresponding assessments have a first-time pass rate of more than 98%, which is critical to minimizing time away from job, poor job role performance, and time to retrain.

Develop Assessments:

  • Form questions based on key concepts, requirements, and instructional design best practices.

  • Leverage understanding of job role, functions, environment, and subject matter expertise.

  • Coordinate questions across training and content teams.

Monitor and Refine:

Assess Performance:

  • Monitor Scores and Job Performance

  • Trend Data

  • Perform Root Cause Analysis

  • Recommend Changes

  • Trainer

  • Testing

  • Quality Monitor

Knowledge Management

HighPoint’s knowledge management systems help clients provide employees with instant access to information in the ideal format and allow the organization to easily update information as things change. We have developed and maintained over 8,000 pages of content that enables Medicare and Affordable Care Act (ACA) Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to provide an optimal customer experience. As a result of continuous improvement and proactive knowledge management updates, Medicare CSR questions and requests for updates dropped by 33%.

HighPoint supports all types of Knowledge Management systems including:

  • Learning Management System (LMS)

  • WebCenter

  • Universal Content Management Contributor (UCMC)

  • Healthcare Training & Knowledge Resources (HTKR)

  • Content Viewer

  • SharePoint and ServiceNow

Instructional Design

HighPoint’s Instructional Designers and eLearning Developers are seasoned professionals with strong backgrounds in Adult Learning Theory.


The use of games to master content has come a long way from playing Jeopardy! on the classroom blackboard. Today’s eLearning gamification techniques tap into users’ competitive nature with opportunities to master content through real-world simulations.

SCORM and 508 Compliance

All of HighPoint’s training and content products for all communications channels and web portals comply with SCORM and the Section 508 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.