Digital Government


The Specifics About Our Digital Government Services

Experts in designing and building platforms, mobile apps, websites, video content and social media to engage and inform citizens and federal employees. We provide cleared videographers to travel with the Secretary of State within four hours of notice, develop digital content communications and outreach for department of State across all social media platforms, and provide video support and production for YouTube Channel, and, Our use of data-driven analytics, tailored content to stakeholders increased email subscriptions by 194% and social media “Likes” by 51%

Digital Content Strategy

HighPoint’s digital content strategy helps our clients create and distribute digital content to reach new audiences, build credibility, generate more leads, and achieve overall strategic marketing objectives.

HighPoint’s digital content strategy services include:

  • Digital strategy and transformation

  • Customer analytics and insights

  • Digital marketing and customer engagement

  • Full lifecycle development, including requirements elicitation, risk and issue tracking, training, and release management

  • Agile processes to support ad-hoc requests, speed approvals, and align products to user needs

Digital Content Management

HighPoint provides digital content collection, delivery, retrieval, processing, architecture, governance, and overall management of digital information. We focus on the customer and user experience, especially repository functionality, and reducing complexities associated with additional coding and customization.

HighPoint’s digital content management services include:

  • Digital Content architecture, development, and validation

  • Preservation and archiving functionality

  • Simplifying underlying object model and design

  • Content migrations

  • User Experience (UX)

  • Data Management definition documents

  • Content parsing of provenance and metadata

  • Granule generating (Logically slicing files)

  • Digital signatures and authentication

Communications and Outreach

HighPoint helps clients develop and implement social media strategies and content to reach customers using social channels. HighPoint uses the power of graphics and conversational language to convey messages that connect with target audiences. HighPoint has delivered 91 classes to the DoS Foreign Service Institute (FSI) that prepared Foreign Service employees to incorporate media into their work at embassies around the world.

HighPoint’s communications and outreach services include:

  • Social media campaign development

  • Social media training, creation, and support

  • Data visualization tools and social media monitoring tools that provide a dashboard of program results

  • Social media policy education and boot camps

  • Social media management platform integration

  • Cultural sensitivities based on the target audience and platforms

Content Development

HighPoint has supported diverse website content development for External Certificate Authority (ECA) targeted to specific audiences for 20+ years and provided communications content support for GPA for more than 10 years. Our understanding of current mission priorities, programs, communication guidance, templates, checklists, tools, and clearance procedures lowers production costs and shortens review times. HighPoint developed a video overview and 360° online tour of the Library of Congress. We use social graph analysis to identify audiences and microtarget with audience-specific content based on interests.

HighPoint’s content development services include:

  • Content development for fact sheets, websites, social media posts, videos, and ads for both international and domestic audiences

  • Develop of compelling stories and images

  • Content and messaging platform and delivery channel consistency

  • Print and digital design collateral

  • Conceptualizing, researching, copywriting, designing, editing, proofing, and publication

Videography and Photography

Videography and photography provide powerful media to connect with audiences on an educational and emotional level. Combining visual media with audio and/or printed content increases understanding and retention. HighPoint has over 10 years of experience creating video content for the U.S. Department of State Office of Video, which helps boost global understanding and support for U.S. foreign policy and American values. HighPoint manages the entire video production process, including scouting locations; securing videographers, photographers, and on-screen talent; scripting; managing the shoot; editing; and overseeing final production. The resulting media is consumable in multiple formats, enabling it to be embedded across web, social, and mobile applications.

HighPoint’s Videography and Photography services include:

  • Producing videos for both international and domestic audiences

  • Photo montages

  • Stock photographs and video clips

  • Audio/visual support for live events

  • Integrated marketing campaigns

Marketing Analytics

HighPoint uses data analytics to to identify trends in content usage and helped writers tailor content to specific audiences. We have provided customized research reports to explain complex data on policies and campaigns, and marketing reports to illustrate how third-party advocacy groups can generate engaging multimedia content.

HighPoint’s Marketing Analytics services include:

  • Data-driven analytics to support new and ongoing marketing initiatives both domestically and internationally

  • Continuous monitoring to identify notable shifts, opportunities, and potential issues

  • Metrics tracking such as post volume, sentiment, and influencer engagement

  • Identify potential influencers on social media, news, blogs, review sites, and other sources

  • Provide strategic insights to inform content strategies