Gary Davis on HighPoint Global’s Citizen Experience Programs for Agencies & Professional Services Expansion Efforts

Gary Davis on HighPoint Global’s Citizen Experience Programs for Agencies & Professional Services Expansion Efforts

Gary Davis oversees HighPoint Global‘s efforts to expand in the government information technology services market with a particular focus on federal healthcare agencies as a senior vice president of business development for the company.

The 35-year federal sector veteran joined HighPoint in July 2015 after 28 years at Anthem, where his most recent role was staff vice president for the healthcare company’s national government services organization.

Davis recently spoke to ExecutiveBiz for this conversation to describe his key focus areas for HighPoint since he started there, where the company looks to help agencies in citizen experience programs and opportunities for expansion in professional services.

ExecutiveBiz: Which areas of HighPoint’s federal business have you focused on over the last year-and-a-half?

Gary Davis: Helping the company diversify our capabilities in information technology services and to integrate our citizen experience thought leadership with DevOps, cloud and cyber security through strategic partnerships and in-house development.

Ultimately, our goal is to grow the business by developing and enhancing our portfolio of services, obtaining prime capabilities on IDIQ vehicles like CIO-SP3, Alliant, the new IT-70 HIT SIN, and to subcontract on vehicles where it makes sense.

ExecutiveBiz: Where do you attribute HighPoint’s revenue growth over two years?

Gary Davis: Our CEO Ben Lanius and his passion to build a team that is dedicated to delivering quality services to our clients and their citizens. Ben’s passion permeates the company and helps to drive the culture of our citizen experience mission.

That started with our work for CMS on the 1-800-MEDICARE helpline and has grown into a capability that can further assist other government agencies like CMS achieve their missions and better serve their citizens. It helps that we are partnered with CMS who is deeply dedicated to their beneficiaries, consumers and to delivering exceptional customer service.

Working side-by-side with CMS has helped us realize there is great opportunity to assist our government and their contractors to deliver on the promise of exceptional service. Call it an obsession if you like, a culture of we cannot fail our citizens, but Ben has adopted this mindset and it drives HighPoint’s culture and our mission to assist our federal, state and local governments to provide exceptional customer service.

ExecutiveBiz: How do you define HighPoint’s work to “elevate the citizen experience?”

Gary Davis: The government and public sector leaders face intense pressure today to deliver great customer experiences. When they don’t, it impacts citizen’s perception and attitude about the agency and the government as a whole. We help government agencies elevate the citizen experience across multiple touchpoints.

Through our thought leadership, we help federal agencies integrate strategic innovations and capabilities to deliver a citizen-first methodology for their federal clients. As a strategic partner, we help the government and their contractors deliver the best possible customer experience; no matter the channel, through services such as contact center optimization, IT services, user experience design and quality assurance.

We use a combination of process, people and best-in-class tools to work with agencies and their contractors to design solutions that fit their unique requirements. We currently deliver our citizen experiences services to agencies such as CMS, the VA, USPTO and DHS.

ExecutiveBiz: What is industry’s role in helping agencies focus on what HighPoint calls a “citizen-first methodology?”

Gary Davis: Through strategic partnerships with the government, industry is oftentimes at the frontlines and is just as responsible for the citizen experience. Everyone in the agency and contractors are all responsible for customer service so it is important that industry is integrated with the agency’s mission focus and dedicated to serving its citizens with the best possible experience.

The citizen-first methodology means maintaining a line of sight on the impact to citizens, no matter if you are on the front lines or behind the scenes – all decisions ultimately impact the citizen. The nature of government contracting can lose sight of this, so it is important that we keep the citizen experience in mind by incorporating it into RFPs and SOWs to ensure contractors are dedicated to the mission at hand.

ExecutiveBiz: Which added work areas did you gain from adding the GSA Professional Services vehicle in September?

Gary Davis: Our goal is to position HighPoint Global to grow and sustain revenue by obtaining the ability to prime contracts on new opportunities. By adding the GSA PSS IT-70 vehicle, we are better prepared to prime for new work and revenue growth.

We will continue to pursue the new GSA IT-70 HIT SIN and other priming vehicles to that we can help the company bid for and win new work in the IT services and management consulting markets. SINs covered by the PSS contract include:

  • 874‐1 874‐1RC Integrated Consulting Services
  • C132‐51 C132‐51RC Information Technology Profession


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